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We have been helping customers since 1945 select tailored policies for their needs. Making sure that our customers are properly covered is our number one priority.

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We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective commercial policies. Our team of commercial agents have access to some of the most hard to get carriers, enabling our customers to save on their bottom line.

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The most powerful things we do is help improve financial freedom for our customers each year. Whether you are a business or person, feel safe and secure, knowing that you will have what you need for the future.

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We have been protecting people and businesses since 1945!

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Dear Jacob,

I want to thank you for all the guidance, answers, patience, and support you offered during my experience with claims and insurance. It was a pleasure working with you, and I learned a tremendous amount about the process of going through insurance - how things work, and the pro's and con's. I hope to use this info to help others in similar situations. Thank you once again!

Sora Braun

Sora Braun
Sora Braun

``I wholeheartedly recommend Eli Hefter for all insurance-related matters. Eli recently helped us navigate the change process from an insurance plan we had held for six years. While the cost savings that Eli managed to achieve for us was certainly helpful in terms of the bottom line, what really sets Eli apart is his knowledge in the industry, his do whatever it takes attitude, and his pleasant and prompt communication style and skillset. Eli turned a process that can be arduous and frustrating (at best) into one that was easy and manageable due to his handling the heavy lifting within the process. Definitely look no further for your insurance needs in Baltimore, and the surrounding metropolitan areas!``

Jacob Kates
Jacob Kates