Auto Dealerships have a wide array of potential risks attached with them. At Wealcatch Insurance, we provide tailored specific solutions for each dealership chain, or on a more granular level, an individual location.

Our hard to access programs cover: Auto Dealer franchises, Independent Auto Dealers, RV and Motorcycle dealerships, as well as service and collision repair locations.

Car Dealership 1




Car Dealership 2

There are not many options available for ironclad Auto Dealership insurance programs. Wealcatch Insurance is proud to offer some of the most unattainable programs, due to the respect that the insurance carriers have for us and our clients.

We can cover single or multi locations – with programs that drastically cut workers comp premiums exclusively for this industry. With our broad base of clients and our decades of experience helping dealerships nationwide slash their premiums, call us today to see if you are currently overpaying when you do not need to.






Here are some the coverage’s that we offer:

  • General Liability
  • Bodily Injury
  • Personal Property
  • Garage Keepers
  • Owned Vehicles
  • Garage Owned Vehicles
  • Non-Owned Auto’s
  • Hired Auto’s
  • Temporary Auto’s
  • Substitute Auto’s
  • New Auto’s
  • Customer Auto’s
  • Broadened Garage Liability

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